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Heroines Paintball

Sobbe Glass #84 - Heroines Championship Charity Collection

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Sobbe Glass CHARITY: Community Care Fellowship Nashville TN

Everyone who enters the door at Community Care Fellowship is treated with dignity and respect. Whether a guest is seeking a shower, a meal, or just somewhere to rest their head, we meet their basic needs no questions asked. From there we have the opportunity to build a relationship and guide them towards transformation.

The Heroines are on mission to not only get more girls competing in sports (and we hope it's PAINTBALL!) but to do good work when and where we can OFF the field. 

Our 10 players have each selected a Charity to which the proceeds from their jersey sales will be donated! 

Our GOAL is to raise $500 per player making a $5,000 impact on local and worthy organizations helping those who need it. 

We have made 10 sets of 3 Championship Commemorative Heroines Jerseys:

Each set has 1 of each players:  OG BLACK, 3D EFFECT and WEB SLINGER jerseys 

We have had such an incredible year - and with your help we get to accomplish even more ... TOGETHER 

Thank you for your continued support of the Heroines, the WNXL and girls in sports.